Chin Augmentation

  • The shape and size of the chin frames the lower face and can convey strength or vulnerability. A small and weak chin can distract from an otherwise attractive face.
  • In 2007 a study found that the chins and jawlines of 90% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were strong as compared with only 40% in the general population.

Recommended Procedures

  • Chin Augmentation involves securing an implant to the chin bone in order to increase its projection and shape the lower face.

    Other Options

    • If the rest of the jawbone is thin and weak, thus making the chin appear large, then augmentation of the jawbone can be done with Injectable Dermal Fillers or with implants.

       How It’s Done

      • Dr. Rad places an incision on the inside of the lip or on the underside of the chin.
      • A biocompatible permanent implant is shaped and secured to the chin bone with screws.


        • In Dr. Rad’s hands, chin surgery surgery is safe.
        • Dr. Rad performs this under general anesthesia via a breathing tube delivered by a board certified anesthesiologist in an accredited surgery center.

            What to Expect

            • Surgery involves minor discomfort for several days.
            • Temporary and minor swelling is normal and may take several weeks to resolve.

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