Massive Weight Loss

  • Skin that is stretched due to obesity can become severely loose and hanging after massive weight loss (MWL).
  • Body contouring for MWL patients involves multiple operations to remove the excess skin safely, and incredible physical transformations are achievable.

    Recommended Procedures

    Other Options

       HOW IT’S DONE

      • Dr. Rad places incisions in order to optimize body contour, symmetry and hiding scars.
      • Skin and fat are lifted away from the underlying muscle layer and the excess is removed in a ‘tailoring’ method.
      • Laser Scar Therapy also helps to fade scars quickly and prevent thickening.
      • For healthy patients, combining procedures is safe in Dr. Rad’s hands.
      • Several stages are usually needed to complete comprehensive body contouring safely:
        • Stage 1: Belt Lipectomy + Arm Lift
        • Stage 2: Chest Lift [men] or Breast Lift/Augmentation [women] + Back Lift
        • Stage 3: Face Lift + Thigh Lift
      • Dr. Rad works with a board certified anesthesiologist and performs surgery in the top hospitals in the Washington DC and northern Virginia area.


        • Each stage takes 6 hours to perform and requires a hospital stay of 1-2 days.
        • Temporary moderate discomfort is common and is easily controlled with pain medications.
        • Recovery lasts about 3 to 4 weeks.

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        Patient Focus

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        Before Chest Lift
        After Chest Lift
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        Before Arm Lift
        After Arm Lift
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        Before Face + Neck Lift
        After Face + Neck Lift


            Photos are of patients who have given explicit written agreement to have them displayed. For patient privacy reasons, the majority of Dr. Rad's patients prefer their before/after photos to remain off-line. However, Dr. Rad will be happy to show you, in the setting of a confidential consultation, a series of before/after photos, not displayed here, to address your specific concerns.

            Breast Aesthetics a front view of ample, symmetrical breasts in a deep cut black V-neck shirt

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            Face Aesthetics - Dr. Rad with surgical binoculars and scrubs, preparing patient for surgery

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            Mommy Makeover – Pregnant woman cradling her own stomach

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