Medical Skin Concerns

Dr. Sherber is board-certified and expert in treating the full range of medical skin concerns, and takes care of both adults and children. 

  • Inflammatory Skin Conditions are common and Sherber customizes a regimen for each patient tailored to specific skin type and individual symptoms.
  • Skin Cancer can appear as a small pink bump, to a rough spot that won’t go away, or to an irregular looking pigmented spot. Dr. Sherber has an eagle eye to detect even the faintest and most benign appearing lesions to ensure that you remain skin cancer free.
  • Accurate diagnosis is critical for effective management of autoimmune skin diseases. Dr. Sherber is the author the dermatology chapter in the definitive textbook on Scleroderma, and she is considered a world authority in the diagnosis and care of complex autoimmune conditions. Explore Autoimmune Conditions to learn more.