Squamous Cell Cancer

  • This is a very common skin cancer, and is generally seen in areas of chronic sun exposure such as the face, lips, chest, back of the hands, or lower legs.
  • These skin cancers may appear as rough red areas that can be mistaken for benign growths.  Dr. Sherber uses a trained eye as well as dermoscopy to diagnose them. 
  • They may bleed easily or be slow to heal, and may be tender.
  • Squamous cell cancers are more common in those with suppressed immune systems such as organ transplant recipients.

Recommended Treatments:

  • Depending on the site and the size of the squamous cell cancer, Dr. Sherber may recommend Mohs surgery or a plastic surgical excision.  With complete removal, recurrence should not be a concern.
  • For superficial variants, a topical treatment approach may be appropriate.
  • For squamous cell cancers on the face, pre-treating the area of excision with laser and/or Botox may be advisable to optimize scar healing.
  • Following a diagnosis of skin cancer, ongoing broad spectrum sun protection and regular total body skin examinations are critically important.