Temples + Jawline

  • Over time, the temples start to lose volume and become more hollow, and the jawline can start to lose definition. 
  • Filler treatments can restore this scaffolding to the face. 
  • Treating the angle of the jaw and jawline to restore a crisp contour rebuilds the youthful architecture of the face, as does filling out the temples. 
  • These are wonderful areas to treat to rejuvenate the face without making it look as though any “work” has been done, because they lift the face from the periphery rather than adding volume in the central face.
  • For men in particular, a chiseled jawline is powerful (90% of Fortune 500 CEOs have a strong jawline, compared with 40% of the general population) and subtle use of fillers along the jawline will enhance definition to give a defined contour.


  • Juvéderm Voluma XC
  • Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC
  • Radiesse

While topical products cannot reshape the face, saturating the skin with hydration and sealing it in with rich moisturizers can plump up the skin to enhance definition of the facial framework.