Total Face Lift + Laser

Total Face Lift + Laser

  • Surgery is very effective in elevating sagging tissues and restoring permanent volume where needed. However, surgery does poorly to improve skin texture, elasticity and evenness of skin tone whereas fractionated ablative laser, Pear Fractional Laser, and fractionated non-ablative laser, Clear+Brilliant and Perméa, excel in this arena.
  • The cutting edge is to combine face lift surgery with fractionated laser in order to achieve the most rejuvenative treatment possible.

Recommended Procedures

  • Dr. Rad focuses on lifting the underlying muscle layer, sagging cheek fat and jowl fat - this is the key to creating smooth and lifted contours in the midface, jawline and neck.
  • Pearl Fractional Laser is effective in improving skin texture, elasticity and evenness of skin tone.
  • For in-office laser options that have no social downtime, Clear+Brilliant and Perméa are the most advanced technologies.

Other Options

  • Customized Aesthetic Dermatology care can delay the need for future surgical lifts, and ‘protect your investment’ following surgery.
  • Injectable Dermal Fillers provide temporary facial volume and contouring and Botox smooths dynamic wrinkles.
  • Collagen-stimulating treatments such as Laser and Chemical Peels restore skin elasticity
  • Skin Care treatments maintain skin health and elasticity.

How It’s Done

  • Dr. Rad separates the skin from the underlying muscle layer and then tightens the sagging muscle and fat with permanent sutures.
  • Facial harmony, balance, proportion and symmetry are the guiding principles in Dr. Rad’s face lift work.


  • Dr. Rad works with a board certified anesthesiologist and performs surgery only in an accredited surgery center or hospital operating facility.
  • Medical clearance by your Primary Care Physician is required prior to surgery.
  • Accompaniment by a family member or friend for 48 hours after surgery is required.
  • Dr. Rad does not accept patients seeking an extreme makeover or the looks of another person

What to Expect

  • Pain is rare. The most common sensation is tightness.
  • Bruising and swelling are normal and resolve over 7 to 10 days.
  • While healing and recovery will be different for each patient, return to work or going to social outings 2 to 3 weeks after the most extensive surgery is common.

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Patient Focus

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After *

This 60 year old woman desired partial facial rejuvenation. She also wanted to improve flushing of her face, neck, and chest. Dr. Rad performed SMAS Imbrication Face Lift, Open Neck LiftLower Blepharoplasty +Fat Removal, and Facial Fat Grafting. Dr. Sherber treated dilated blood vessels and flushing on the face, neck, and chest were treated with a series of Intense Pulsed Light combined with Nd:YAG.

Photos are of patients who have given explicit written agreement to have them displayed. For patient privacy reasons, the majority of Dr. Rad's patients prefer their before/after photos to remain off-line. However, Dr. Rad will be happy to show you, in the setting of a confidential consultation, a series of before/after photos, not displayed here, to address your specific concerns.

*SHERBER+RAD cannot guarantee specific results. Individual results may vary.

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