Tuberous Breast Correction


Tuberous Breast Correction

  • The term ‘tuberous breasts’ refers to an inherited condition in which there is severe constriction and deformity of one or both breasts resulting in severe asymmetry. 

Recommended Procedures

  • Depending on the severity of the asymmetry, correction of tuberous breasts can involve 1 or 2 stages.
  • If mild to moderate droop (ptosis) and tissue protrusion (herniation) are present, then a breast lift, usually on both sides, is adequate.
  • In severe cases, 2 stages of surgery are needed: the first involves stretching the constricted breast with a tissue expander; the second stage involves placing breast implants. 

Other Options

  • Breast Augmentation alone is effective in adding volume to the breasts - however, this requires symmetric shape and nipple position to start.
  • There are no good non-surgical options to correct tuberous breasts.

How It’s Done

  • In 2 stage surgery, Dr. Rad places a tissue expander inside the constricted breast and, over the next 2 months, slowly inflates the tissue expander implant in order to stretch the breast skin. 
  • Three months after the first surgery, Dr. Rad then performs the second surgery in which the tissue expander is removed and implants are placed into one or both breasts. 


  • While a single surgery is preferred over two stages of surgery, the overall result usually is superior in the setting of two-staged correction. 
  • Dr. Rad works with a board certified anesthesiologist and performs surgery only in an AAAASF accredited surgery center.

What to Expect

  • Both stages are outpatient surgeries taking approximately 1.5 hours to perform.
  • Temporary moderate discomfort is common and is easily controlled with pain medications. 
  • Recovery lasts about 2 weeks.

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This 28 year old woman suffered from a poor body image due to severe hereditary breast asymmetry (tuberous breasts). Dr. Rad performed a two-stage approach to breast augmentation to optimize her results. Dr. Rad performed below-muscle placement of Tissue Expanders in stage 1, followed by stage 2 which involved below-muscle breast augmentation with 375 cc Round Silicone gel implants.

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